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2003 Looking into the requirements of the quality management according to "DIN EN ISO 9001:2000"
2004 Detailed discussions about the contents of the compendium within the firm
Mai 2004 Edition of the first "QM guidelines"
Juli 2004 Obtaining the certificate according to "DIN EN ISO 9001:2000"
2005 / 2006 Annual supervisory audit
2008 Successful defence of the certificate within the repeated audit

"In the first instance it is necessary in all stages of the order transaction to produce quality by avoiding mistakes and the elimination of the sources of error. The assurance and improvement of the quality needs to be the top priority for all employers. All employers have got the duty and the right to avoid circumstances which interfere with the process of a transaction. An undisturbed organisation and modern methods of quality management are the necessary framework for this. All project leader need to process their projects in a standardized way and to control their colleagues to maintain the procedural method. The divisions of project planning and sector planning commit to realize a perfected and customer-orientated process of transaction." (Abstract of our "QM guideline")

Long lasting business connections with many customers of our firm encourage us in our work. The many contracts that we receive by the same customers proof the trust in the quality of our work.

Document of certification