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Planing of the power plant

Since the foundation of our firm in 1990 we have planed mainly power plants.

As it is shown in our list of references a large number of different plants with varied concepts have been built. Besides the planning of plants to produce steam or hot water today we mainly work on combined heat and power plants. Energy sources are oil, gas, biomass, brown coal, black coal, residual materials (domestic waste, alternative fuel) and also waste heat from industrial processes.

We carry out the necessary phases of planning if required:

  • Basic evaluation,
  • Prearrangements,
  • Outline planning,
  • Approval planning,
  • Implementation planning,
  • Preparation of the announcement and monitoring the placing,
  • building inspection and
  • documentation.

We aim to realise the projects by the same project leader and his colleagues.

View our references too.